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Applying for a visa to enter and live in Australia can be a daunting process, with a multitude of visas to apply for and a whole host of legal hoops through which to jump.


If you’re finding it all too confusing, New Borders Australian Migration are here to help.


A Registered Migration Agent (RMA), New Borders Australian Migration has the knowledge and experience to guide you through your application for entry to Australia and offer timely and practical advice on how best to find your way through the maze that is Australian immigration law.


Whether you are looking to study, work or permanently settle in Australia, New Borders Australian Migration will make sure your appropriate visa application is lodged on time, completed accurately and has the highest possible chance of being granted.


Visa Application Australia

With literally dozens of types of visas available for individuals and families looking to enter Australia, making sure you are taking the right path often means the difference between a lengthy waiting and application process and a quick and easy entry, or could even prove the crucial factor in determining whether or not your visa is granted.


Based in Sydney, New Borders Australian Migration will provide all the answers to make your transition to a new country as easy as possible.


Australian Visa Help Melbourne

New Borders Australian Migration assists with the following types of visas:

• Adoption

• Aged Dependent Relative

• Bridging

• Business

• Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)

• Partner

• Skilled

• Student

• Many More


Migration Agency Brisbane

Don’t gamble with the future of you and your loved ones in Australia – get real advice from qualified migration experts at New Borders Australian Migration.


To make an appointment or for more information, simply:



MARN: 1068284




Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice

Registered Migration Agent – JOHN NASER, MARN: 1068284



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